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 TibiaAuto BOT 8.71 FULL UPDATE

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Data de inscrição : 20/12/2010

MensagemAssunto: TibiaAuto BOT 8.71 FULL UPDATE   Sab Jan 29, 2011 4:37 am

Tibia AutoBOT 2.8.1(Tibia 8.71 FULL UPDATE)

Tibia AutoTibia Auto 2.8.1 has been released and is available for download in our download section!


- Various: Negative heal values in the fluid drinker, spellcaster, and runemaker heal at MaxHp/Mana - value
- Cavebot: Added drop list to cavebot
- Auto Login: TA does not save but can load passwords from scripts
- Auto Go: Auto go internals changed and proximity settings take less CPU
- Various: Autogo, seller, banker and cavebot all work together for control over walking
- Various: Modules can be given priorities as to which will act first
- Various: Can go to seller and/or banker and/or depot in the same trip into town
- Various: Added status messages to walking modules(seller, banker, autogo,cavebot)
- Cavebot: When cavebot enabled, pausebreak/%ta pause stops all movement from cavebot and other modules as well
- Banker: The banker can change gold instead of depositing
- Banker: The banker counts gold in hands and other slots
- Cavebot: Can go though waypoints backwards
- CVS Files: Bankers and Sellers only need 1 location
- Various: Banker, seller and autogo detect gold and items in hand
- AutoGo: Added alarm for VIP names in the VIP list
- AutoGo: Added alarm for when conditions disappear
- Cavebot: Fixed Blood hit control
- Cavebot: Fixed cavebot always looting plats and crystals
- Spellcaster: Fixed bug in casting spells
- Spellcaster: Fixed problem with healing other using Sio


TibiaAuto 2.8.1

TibiaAuto 2.8.1 Scan
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Mensagens : 19
Data de inscrição : 20/12/2010

MensagemAssunto: Re: TibiaAuto BOT 8.71 FULL UPDATE   Sex Fev 04, 2011 6:12 am

BUMp Very Happy
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TibiaAuto BOT 8.71 FULL UPDATE
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