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 TibiaBot NG 8.61 Full Version ! www.Tibia-Bots.com

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Data de inscrição : 28/07/2010

MensagemAssunto: TibiaBot NG 8.61 Full Version ! www.Tibia-Bots.com   Ter Ago 24, 2010 5:16 am

TibiaBot NG 8.61 Full Version !

Download - -> http://www.Tibia-Bots.com/NG_Bot.html

A view of the TibiaBot NG main window.
Only a few of its many customizable features are listed.

The custom skin manager can suit the look and feel of the bot to match your style.
It comes with many unique skins to chose from.

Behold, a more in depth view, showing a few of the customizable features of TibiaBot NG.
Don't worry, it only gets this big when alot of them are displayed at once.

A look at the world map feature. The latest addition to the continuously evolving application.
It is able to track your current location anywhere you travel in the game.

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TibiaBot NG 8.61 Full Version ! www.Tibia-Bots.com
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